Coaxial Cable
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Pre Assembled Coaxial Cable
Item #PREWiremanCQ
High FrequencyVHF & UHF

Wireman's CQ Coaxial Cable pre cut with end connectors attached. RG-8X, RG-213/U, and Wireman's Low Loss Super 8 is available in lengths from 3 feet to 150 feet. PL-259 connectors are standard, but BNC/M-F, "N"/M-F, or Mini UHF/M-F are also available.

$19.00 to $183.00

RG-8X Low Loss, Double Shield
Item #118WiremanCQ
High FrequencyVHF & UHF

Wireman's CQ Mini 8X Low-Loss Double Shielded Coax. 50 ohm impedance, mylar foil. tinned copper braid, PVC-XL jacket with a Velocity Factor of .80... This is a tough durable mini 8 coax used for HF as well as VHF & UHF applications. Many mobile applications of this product are in use today as this great coax has become the choice of mini 8 users in the amateur community. Maximum power rated @ 700watts

$0.95 per ft

RG-8X Mini 8 Coax
Item #116WiremanCQ
200 Watt RatingFor Mobile Applications

This is a regular mini 8 coax with a single braided shield. Used exclusively for mobile applications.Is rated at 200W power. This 50 ohm inpedance coax has a velocity factor of .78 with a PVC-class 2A jacket. A standard bearer of the amateur community. Call for price quotes in excess of 500' or more.

$0.49 per ft

Bury Flex Super 8 Low Loss
Item #103AWiremanCQ
Direct BuryDouble Shield

Wireman's Super 8 double shielded low-loss direct buriable coax...."Bury-Flex" 4XL by Davis RF Co. Same as Wireman's 106, but is designed for direct burial. Attentuation is same as #106........2.8 DB @ 450 Mhz. Has a 20 + year life expectancy. Call for prices on 500' and above. The best Super 8 Low-Loss bury flex you can buy. Made in the USA.

$1.16 per ft

Super 8 XL Low Loss
Item #106WiremanCQ
VHF, UHF and AboveRotatable

Wireman's Super 8 double shielded coax exclusively designed for VHF, UHF and above applications. Completely rotatable and also used in conjunction with HF applications. 100% shielded with a stranded center conductor. This is the LMR 400 Ultra-Flex type coax that does it all....the good stuff! Use regular UHF PL-259 connectors. Call on amount in excess of 499feet. Rated at 1500 watts.

$1.75 per ft

Enhanced Mil-Spec RG-213
Item #110WiremanCQ
Higher Temperature StabilityFor Extreme Weather Conditions

Wireman's CQ enhanced Mil Spec RG-213/U. This material has the same CQ qualities as our PN113, but additionally has a higher temperature stability/rating in the jacket for extreme weather conditions where high heat and colder weather elements prevail. This is a truly tough and durable RG-213/U. The best you can buy! Made in USA

$1.75 per ft

CQ-1000 Orginal
Item #1000WiremanCQ
Extremely Low LossLMR 400 Equilivent

Wireman's CQ-1000 original Super 8 size coax. Not rotatable, but extremely low loss. LMR 400 equilivent. Solid center conductor and 100% shielded makes this product our lowest loss coax for VHF, UHF and above applications. 1.7 DB loss @ 200 MHZ! If you want the lowest loss coax for VHF and above applications where you don't need rotatable activities...this is the one! Uses regular PL-259 or "9913" screw-solder on "N" type connectors. This coax has the CQ tradition of Wireman fine products for over 28 years. Call for quantities in excess of 499' or more. Rated at 1500 watts.

$0.96 per ft

RG-58/U Mil Spec
Item #125General UseLow Loss
52.5 ohmSolid Center Conductor

Rg-58/U coax is a Mil Spec product of 52.5 ohm impedance and has a solid center conductor with a polyethylene dielectric for those who prefer the lowest loss possible in this size material. Call for quantities in excess of 499' or more.

$0.44 per ft

Item #12750 Ohm ImpedanceSoftPVC Jacket
Stranded Center Conductor

Mil Spec Rg-58 coax, 50 ohm impedance with a stranded center conductor and polyethylene dielectric. Has a PVC class 2A jacket. Call for quantities in excess of 500' or more.

$0.44 per ft

Double Shield Low Loss RG-58
Item #129FFWiremanCQ
Superior CoaxUV Rated 20+Years

This is the lowest loss double shielded RG-58 Wireman coax available. A Superior coax material for the discriminating Amateur radio operator. Has a class 2A jacket and UV rated in excess of 20+ years. A durable long lasting RG-58 coax; power rating in EXCESS of 300 watts.

$0.60 per ft

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